Think Travelling in Singapore is Expensive? It’s Really Not

Centrally to other cities in the globe, Singapore is a mixture of different cultures, architectures and also a country that offers various dining options ranging from delicious, affordable street foods to expensive ones. The city is designed to include tourist attractions, nightlife, restaurants, events and other important places that you may be searching for a holiday destination. I term of weather, Singapore has no weather time to visit since it is known for its year-round humid and warm weather with temperatures ranging from 24c to 31c. Starting January to December, the temperatures dips slightly with the onset of the wet monsoon wind. In addition, the city hosts the world’s Formula one night race in September.

Ways to travel Singapore on budget

Traveling to Singapore is fun and challenging since it has both traditional and modern attractions for you to explore. Therefore it can be expensive especially if you don’t identify the expected budgetary bargains. Therefore it is important for those visiting Singapore to have an appropriate budgetary airline that offers great deals for customers. Doing this involves comparing the prices before arriving at the right decision and putting in mind that the primary goal is to travel to Singapore on a real budget. Customers need to flexible on the departure dates. In most cases it becomes much easy to travel to Singapore during the weekdays and booking one-way travel to and from Singapore is less expensive. The most common airlines that concur with customer’s budgets are the Air Asia, Tiger Airways and Jet Star Asia. Another, approach to quickly travel to Singapore on a budget is by using the online air flight search engine that is critical in sourcing your flight. YMCA is a strategic place to stay while in Singapore. The site is located in a short distance from the Orchard Street and Scotts Street inside Singapore business center, the entertainment district and shopping of Shenton way, Chinatown and Marina Square.

User public transportation in Singapore

Mass Rapid Transit subway system is the most efficient, easiest, comfortable and quickest means traveling around Singapore using local transportation. This system works from 5 am to midnight with trains at peak times moving after every two to three minutes and between five and seven minutes during the off-peak hours. At the center of the city, the MRT train travels underground and emerges at the suburban housing estates. The train charges are between $1.4 to $2.5,but it’s a challenge while using it for many times. EZ-link card is the best strategy to pay for travels while you are staying long in Singapore. This card enables customers to travel by both train and bus through swiping it over the sensors before entering or leaving the station. The MRT stations are the best places to purchase an EZ-link card for $12 only.

Save on accommodations

For the purpose of budgetary savings, Singapore guest houses and hotels have a good value for your money while one of the best choices for accommodation is an apartment for rent in Singapore. For instance: Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard is a luxurious 5-star apartment for rent conveniently located next to Somerset MRT Station. Eight on Claymore Serviced Residences – By Royal Plaza on Scotts offers free stopping and free Wi-Fi all through visitors’ stay and its situated Within 5 minutes’ stroll from popular Orchard Road, Royal Plaza onScott’s highlights an honor is winning smorgasbord eatery and non-smoking rooms with free web access for numerous gadgets. Orchard Park Suites apartment for rent i is by Far East Hospitality Situated along renowned Orchard Road, Orchard Park Suites appreciates a focal position beside Wismar Atria and ION Orchard Shopping Center.

Take Advantage of Freebies

Singapore was named the world’s most expensive city in 2014. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go to Singapore on a financial plan! There is a considerable measure of ways you can slice costs on a trek to Singapore. Here’s the way we did Singapore on a tight budget: This is our #1 freebie pick in Singapore! The Gardens by the Bay grounds are gigantic, and brimming with beautiful natural marvels. Almost the whole complex is free; it just costs cash to go into the indoor segments or up in the OCBC Skyway. Skirt the paid parts, and it will spare you over S$25 per person! The Singapore Sling is a disturbing beverage, as I would like to think – I would rather drink hack syrup. A Sling at the notable Raffles Hotel, where this debilitated sweet drink was designed, will cost you an over the top S$27. Word on the interwebs is that they don’t make each sling new at Raffles, rather selecting to utilize a pre-blend! Make a decision not to purchase a Sling in Singapore, but rather were enchanted when we got to Change air terminal and discovered that the obligation free alcohol shoppers had free specimens, produced using top rack mixers! They even let you blend it yourself.

Eat in Food Halls

In Singapore, eating is more than just sustenance or even a side interest. It’s a national fixation, an enthusiasm, a method for life. For the novice in a Singapore vendor focus, the sheer size and outward can be absolute unsettling, if not a touch of threatening. With the assistance of companions and manuals, I, myself a current Singapore beginner, decoded the nuts and bolts of peddler focus manners to help demystify this novel eating knowledge for future greenhorn foodies.

Enjoy the Parks

Mountain biker Melvin Park Ee, 44, used to be restricted to a 1.6km trail at Chestnut Nature Park, alongside the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. With the official opening of the northern segment of the recreation center, the mountain bicycle trail is presently 8.2km. Youngsters were additionally among the biking fans who experimented with Singapore’s first pump track. The Park has extended from 17ha to 81ha – identical to more than 110 football fields – making it the biggest nature stop in Singapore. Other than the more drawn out mountain biking trail, the climbing trail is currently 5.6km, up from 2.1km. National Parks Board (NParks) groups most segments of the biking trail as reasonably hard to a significant degree troublesome.

Best shopping places

If you are searching for an interesting shopping place in Singapore, ION Orchard can be a decent choice for you. For Singaporean individuals, this shopping center is considered as a standout amongst the most luxurious and impressive shopping places found in this nation. Accompanies steel, marble, and glass work of art plan, it looks extremely generous both outside and inside. Significantly more, it likewise offers exceptional toilets for famous people and abnormal state clients. That is the reason numerous famous people go shopping there. On the off chance that you need to feel this incredible experience, you can attempt to go shopping at ION Orchard.


Beside Singapore being an interesting place to visit, there are some rules and regulations that every visitors must abide by. It is important to watch a do’s and dont’s guide provided while entering this beautiful city. Littering is a punishable offense in Singapore. The National Environment Agency officers are always around wearing plainclothes, and in the middle of the cloud, littering might cost you a fine of up to $120. While in Singapore it is highly advised not to vandalize. The laws set by the federal government of Singapore are much strict than in other countries. Don’t carry your wallet in cash as there is no need to take much money in cash since almost every purchasing point accepts Master cards and Visa cards.


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