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If you are only going to be in Singapore for a few days, you might want to extend your trip. There are just so many places to see and things to do. Visitors and tourists from all over the world can enjoy both urban and natural attractions in this beautiful Singapore. Check out the following places that must be included in your bucket list when you plan a visit to Singapore. Discover interesting and exciting places of interest to visit while you are in Singapore! (Image by williamcho /  License this photo on Getty Images)


Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is the must visit place in Singapore that must be visited first when you are in Singapore. The Singapore Zoo boasts of its free-ranging habitat, where animals roam freely in their natural surroundings. Visitors to Singapore Zoo can indulge in the natural inhabitant that definitely attracts the attentions of the tourists. Don’t miss the Animal Friends Show to enjoy some laughing out loud moments watching everyday pets performing great feats. Kids also love the Rainforest Kidzworld that gives brilliant opportunities for them to satiate their curiosity and learn through self-discovery. This is not only the place for kids, as it is the perfect place for photographers, this is a delight as they can shoot to their heart’s content with no cage bars. The opening time of this Zoo is from 8.30 am to 6 pm that is available all the days in a week.

Garden and Nature in Singapore

Singapore is more affectionately called as the Garden city, where one can enjoy the wondrous allures of Nature in Singapore’s two magnificent gardens: The Botanical Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. The Singapore Botanical Gardens features the National Orchid Garden, which is the world’s largest orchid display featuring over 60,000 plants and orchids. Visitors to this botanical garden can get to see the Jacob Ballas Children’s garden that is Asia’s first children’s garden, which is the perfect spot for kids to play and to learn. A garden by the Bay is one of Singapore’s newest and most exciting attractions, where you can find over 250,000 rare plants. Visitors to the Gardens by the Bay can enjoy an amazing view of the Marina Bay financial district skyline and also they can get to find out the outdoor garden, which will be open till 2 am that is perfect for the romantic midnight stroll. (Image by chooyutshing)


Nightlife in Singapore

You can enjoy and experience the nightlife in Singapore at its best. As night falls, Singapore takes on another persona to offer a vibrant array of nightlife and entertainment choices. Besides music and entertainment, food and dining also make up the Singapore nightlife scene.

Shopping in Singapore

Singapore is not only famous for attractions, but also famous for the shopping which is most affectionately called as the shopper’s paradise. The place to hit first is the shopping belt on Orchard Road, a street that brings together department stores such as Ion Orchard, Tangs, and much more. Enjoy 24-hours bargain hunting in Little India at the local shopping mall, Mustafa Centre which offers variety of items and good prices.

Explore all these places and have a blast in your trip. Enjoy!

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