Explore the great South Korea

Are you ready to explore the great heaven on earth? If your wish is so, you must plan a trip to the South Korea, where your two eyes is not enough to see the astonishing natural sceneries. The South Korea is the wonderful place with the combination of attractive landscapes, awesome greenery environment and so on. The South Korea offers the wonderful islands with the scenery environment and makes your trip more unique. So explore the great South Korea with the below mentioned spots.

Islands in South Korea:

The South Korea is the wonderful paradise for the nature seekers, where you must see the spectacular Jeju Island. The Jeju Island was the result of huge volcanic eruption, where you can find the attractive rare plants. If you want to make your trip unforgettable you must see the magnificent view of the sun rising. The next wonderful island is the Seonjaed, which spread the white carpet for the visitors to welcome them. Next wonderful island is the Heuksando, where you must enjoy the night view of the island. Don’t miss to visit the Jindo, Jisimdo, Oeyeondo, Sado, Palmido, Marado and much more.

Terraced Fields, Hamyang:

Are you looking for the best natural surrounding spot in South Korea? The Terraced Fields are the best natural site with the awesome and attractive green plants. The Terraced Fields are located in the Hamyang, where you can enjoy the amiable weather and bizarre fields more. While you standing twixt of the Terraced Fields, you see wonderful rice terraces around you. The terrace fields looks like and staircase to the heaven. Don’t miss to visit the great Terraced Fields in Hamyang.

Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower:

In South Korea you can find the attractive and iconic landmark named as the great Namsan Tower, which is located in the great capital of the South Korea. The awesome Namsan Tower has the 238 meters of height with the observation tower. If you are standing on the observation tower you can view the entire city attraction. If you want to access the Namsan Tower in the best way along with the great and spectacular attractions you must use the Cable car. To access the cable car you must walk for 10 to 15 minutes to reach the boarding place. This will be the incredible tourist spot in the South Korea. (Image by silver_pearl.geo)

Great Palace in South Korea:

In South Korea you can find the attractive palaces, where you can find the wonderful and gorgeous Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is the great and main palace among the five palaces. The next wonderful Palace is the Changgyeonggung Palace, where you can find the great and ancient historic monuments of the South Korea. The next best palace is the Deoksugung Palace, which is the complex of the many buildings with the great architectural qualities. There you can find many monuments which show the unique of the great South Korea. These are the must visit palaces in the South Korea.

So explore the great South Korea attractions with the above mentioned spots and turn your usual trip in to the fun and adventure mixed trip.

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