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Los Angeles is the only place that fits both the international travelers and the domestic travelers. Los Angeles offers endless options for the best memorable trip for all the visitors from all over the world. Whether it is visiting a quiet museum, or attending a boisterous ball game, there are always interesting attractions and exciting events taking place throughout Los Angeles. Check out the following places that must definitely not to be missed when you plan a visit to Los Angeles. (Image by Michael Locke)


Must visit tourist spot in Los Angeles

Venice Beach is the first and the foremost place that must be visited when you plan a visit to Los Angeles. Venice Beach has long been known as the kooky Mecca of California, where : the visibility is great if you enjoy people-watching. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and for film fans, the ultimate experience is a behind-the-scenes studio tour.

The Studio Tour offers guests the chance to explore the working back lot of a real Hollywood movie studio. If you’re a fan of movies, TV or music, there isn’t a better city than Los Angeles to spot a celebrity. Don’t miss out to explore the best serene beaches in this fantastic destination as Los Angeles is home to some of the best beaches in Southern California. For a quintessential endless summer experience, a visit to the two-mile-long Santa Monica Beach is a must. Don’t miss out the Getty Center, which is the envy of museums worldwide for its generous endowments. (Image by www.KillerVids.com)


Visitors to this Getty Center can find out the French decorative arts and expanding photography collections are definitely worth visiting. And don’t forget to hunt out Miró and Moore in the fine sculpture garden. There are also some of the other places that must also be visited if you have an extended holiday.

Free activities to visit in Los Angeles

Santa Monica Pier is the best tourist attraction that must be visited completely for free, where you can spend all day window shopping, people watching, walking and enjoying the fresh air. The food court near Arizona Street has reasonable prices for food. You can also make a visit to The Getty, which is the best free museum that definitely keeps you interesting.

You can also get entertained from Conan O’Brien performance as he performs his popular late night comedy show at Warner Bros. The show is taped on weekdays Monday through Thursday. Minimum age is 16. You can also order free TV show tickets and print them at home using their Self-Serve Reservation System.

Shopping in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a world class premium shopping destination. Not only do you can have a variety of stores to suit every taste and budget; you also have several different types of shopping venues. Even you don’t have to buy anything! Window shopping is a pastime that appeals to residents and tourists as well.

You can also make a visit to some of the other interesting places in Los Angeles that definitely worth the visit. Return home with the unforgettable blast in your trip. Enjoy!

Featured Courtesy by Dave Toussaint (www.photographersnature.com)


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