Don’t Be Hounded by The Dog Days of Summer

This time of year, you hear people talk about the dog days of summer.  For years I thought the dog days were those that were so hot, not even a dog would want to play outside.  Now that I’ve grown up and have lived through many summers, I still feel like some of them are so hot, it’s not healthy for man or any other beast.  The real meaning of the term has its origins not in the behavior of our household pets, but in the skies over Egypt.   The “dog days” refer to an astronomical event that takes place from early July to about mid-August.  Sirius, the star that is represented by a dog in ancient Greek and Roman mythology appears to rise and set with the sun.  Being the brightest star in the sky, old Sirius was already associated with additional heat and light.  During the summer in ancient Egypt, it was believed that this additional heat permeated the environment and caused the flooding that takes place along the Nile river each year.  In fact, the ancient Egyptians planned their crops based on this fortuitous event.  The flooding provided the water they needed for their crops.

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So the next time you hear the phrase dog days of summer, look up in the sky.  Old Sirius will be twinkling as he passes by.

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